Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease can have devastating consequences for your overall oral health and the well-being of your teeth. Our dental office in Sacramento, CA is here to help you prevent, address, and treat this issue with expertise. Whether it concerns educating yourself on gum disease symptoms or undergoing a scaling and root planing treatment, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the care they deserve!

Our gum disease experts are highly trained and experienced in knowing when, why, and how to diagnose your gum condition. You can trust us with your oral health as we provide comprehensive maintenance plans for ongoing care at home along with follow-up appointments so that you’re always up on the proper management of this type of problem.

Are your gums and teeth suffering from gum disease? Don’t wait any longer — reach out to us now for more details about our gum disease treatments. We are excited to provide you with the support you need so your smile can thrive again!

Mouth/Body Connection

Keeping your gums healthy is essential for more than just oral health — it can also minimize the risk of developing heart disease, stroke, and even diabetes. Research has shown that when left untreated, gum disease may increase one’s susceptibility to these severe illnesses. By addressing it early on through proper dental hygiene habits and regular checkups with your dentist, you can safeguard yourself against potentially life-threatening health issues in the future.

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is perhaps the most common oral health concern. Caused by a variety of elements such as inadequate dental hygiene or hormonal fluctuations, its early stage is called gingivitis, and if not treated in time can deteriorate into more dangerous forms. That’s why it’s essential to take care of your teeth and mouth from an early age!

At our practice, we are highly knowledgeable in diagnosing and treating gum disease. Our team can provide you with comprehensive information about the stages of periodontal issues, as well as treatment options such as scaling and root planing. Get in touch today so that together we can work towards regaining control of your oral health!

Stages & Symptoms Of Gum Disease

Gum disease is an intricate condition that can present itself in multiple phases, making it hard to detect and treat. To combat this challenge, it’s essential to stay alert for the telltale signs of gum disease, so you can act quickly before things get worse.

Look out for swollen or inflamed gums, bleeding when brushing your teeth, foul breath, and shifting teeth. If you spot any of these indicators, it is vital that you contact a gum disease specialist without delay to get the treatment needed.

From gingivitis to periodontal disease, gum disease is a multi-faceted medical issue that our knowledgeable staff can accurately diagnose and treat. With us, you know your condition will be taken care of with the utmost skill and precision.

Gum Disease Therapy

Periodontal therapy, commonly known as gum disease therapy, is a comprehensive solution to taking on gum disease. It consists of treatments like scaling and root planing for eliminating plaque and tartar buildup, antibiotics for killing bacteria, and a professional cleaning to decrease inflammation. With this approach, you can have better control over your oral health. 

  • During a deep cleaning, scaling delicately eliminates plaque and tartar deposits from the roots of your teeth. This process is completed with the aid of specialized instruments designed for this purpose.
  • Root planing smooths out the roots of the teeth to allow for gum tissue to reattach again once bacteria and plaque have been removed. 

Taking charge of your oral health is made simpler when you address gum disease in its early stages. Gum disease therapy can help keep your gums healthy and stop systemic issues before they arise. Don’t let the condition get worse, take preventive measures now to ensure optimal dental hygiene!

Keeping Your Entire Mouth Healthy

Here at our Sacramento, CA-based dental practice, we understand the vital role that gum disease prevention and treatment play in maintaining excellent oral health. Our experienced team will collaborate with you to create a personalized plan for managing your gum disease and supporting your long-term well-being. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can assist!

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